Add Firebase SDK#

Now it's time to add the publishable firebase config to the app

Copy the template file#

From your app root execute this bash command to create a new file which will hold your firebase public credentials.

cp src/app/config/firebase.blank.txt src/app/config/firebase.ts

Grab your config#

From Firebase menu, click the cog button located right after Project Overview and then access Project Settings

firebase project settings

Register app#

Then register a new web app platform (the < / > icon)

firebase app register

You'll be prompted to enter an app nickname. Firebase Hosting option is not required, make sure it's unchecked.

firebase app register

Edit with your credentials#

Open the newly created file and paste the whole config object acquired in the earlier step

export const FIREBASE_CONFIG: any = {
apiKey: 'AIzaSyBZVzIk-laa7xO2HFKJZD4mTV38UZYiI',
authDomain: '',
projectId: 'my-chat-app-d7bac',
storageBucket: '',
messagingSenderId: '3504521598782',
appId: '1:3503157598782:web:84ab2f2786a26c3e14ca526f',

Make sure to not replace the FIREBASE_CONFIG constant. Only add the object content. Final result should look like as the code snippet above.