Custom Domains

Easily set up your custom domain for the Chatness' apps running on your Google's account. This guide assumes you have already deployed a successful Chatness instance. If not, refer to the following links.

1. Open your Firebase account

Navigate to and select your Chatness project.

2. Open the hosting sites

On the main menu, select the "Hosting" tab and then search for the target you want to configure. For example, to use a custom domain on your Chatness Admin Panel, select the site ending with "admin". eg: "chatness-admin".

3. Add a custom domain

Click on the "Add custom domain" button, enter your domain name and follow Firebase's setup instruction. You can also add multiple domains by clicking on the "Add another domain" button.

4. You're done

Wait a few minutes for DNS changes to take effect, this can take up to 24h. After DNS changes are propagated, you will be able to access the selected app using your custom domain.